Burlesque me and the WI


Spelthorne Group Annual Meeting

Friday 12th May 2023, 7.00pm

Held at - St Hilda's Church Hall, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford TW15 3JT

A fun evening which included a 2 minute report from Sunbury Village WI made into a shared report with Teddington and drafted as a poem, entertainment from Lindsey Barrell aka Ms Cherry Bombe, Burlesque, Me and the WI and a win in the competition by Sunbury Village (3rd prize)

WI 2-minute reports as a poem from Teddington and Sunbury Village WI


S Sian Cooley – Teddington WI president

D Debbie Levy – Sunbury Village President

D We've combined our report, we hope you enjoy.

D In the last year or so, we've been very busy

S The things we've got up to would make anyone dizzy

D/S So let's talk about it to everyone here, we'll do it together at the end, you can cheer!

S In WI style, we've been knitters and bakers, we've painted and sketched and been candle stick makers.

D Zumba and yoga made us all feel alive, we like to go dancing in a line or a jive.

S The ladies that taught us, they knew how to move, we felt like Madonna getting into the grove.

D When the meetings not on, there's no need to miss out, read a book, meet for tea, sing a song, stroll about.

S There's a club for you all, come along see your friends and we'll all meet together before the month ends.

D It's not all at home sometimes it's away. The two groups get together, D/S twice the fun we all say.

S The Twickenham club showed how they keep beez.

D Then the old picture palace, Calendar Girls, cake and Tea zzzz

S Community Support its what we do well, talks from charities, groups, raising money as well:

D Teddington had?

S Talk from:

Strawberry Hill House

Cooking up

The Hygiene Bank

The Repair Cafe, and Munira Wilson the local MP

S Sunbury Had?

D Talks from:

Sunbury Matters

Spelthorne Beat

Going Supersonic

The Brigitte Trust, and our resident Health expert Heather on ADHD

D/S Celebrations and parties, too many to count, (D)10 years for the choir, (S) that's an awesome amount.

D We toasted the queen in her Platinum year, corgis and cakes and a lot of good cheer.

S At the end of our year and beginning anew, we are looking forward to sharing with you. More good times together as the next year passes, can you all join with us in raising your glasses.

D/ S Cheers to you all.


 Lindsey Barrell aka Ms Cherry Bombe, Burlesque, Me and the WI


Sunbury Village WI get third prize in the Spelthorne Group Meeting craft competition

Brief - Repurposing into a useful or decorative item any of the following: Jam Jars, Tin Cans, Toilet or Kitchen roll inserts. Use a maximum of 3 in any combination plus any other medium to complete this craft, Size to fit on an A4 sheet of paper.

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