What's coming up at our WI meetings?

WI monthly evenings

4th Monday of the month  7.30 - 9.30 pm

October WI Evening

31/10/22 Arrive from 7.30

Bingo night and annual meeting

An evening to celebrate all the activities we have done as a WI in 2021-22.  October is the month when we hold the annual meeting at our WI evening.  We will look back at the WI evenings and events we hosted and went to,  a chance to remember and re live some of the amazing things we have done, We have an new appreciation that we can't take these opportunities for granted. The meeting includes election of committee members and a president.

We will be making memories with some games, which will definitely have us laughing.

Venue: Sunbury Conservative Club, Green Street, Sunbury, TW16 6RA

November WI Evening

221/11/22 Arrive from 7.30 

Choir night

Join us for an evening of festive singing as the choir host our November WI evening. Ran by our experience Choir master Clare, we will learn how to put our voices to the test, in a safe "give it a go" with friends environment.

Venue change: St Mary's Parish Hall, Green Street, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6RN  

Upcoming programme dates

  • Dec 5th           Christmas Party 
  • Jan 23rd          Birthday Party with celebration meal
  • Feb 27th          Brigette Trust
  • March 27th      Sunbury Embroidery Gallery 

We meet at:

Sunbury Con Club, Green Street, Sunbury on Thames TW16 6RA 

4th Monday of the month (unless otherwise indicated) 7.30 - 9.30 pm

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