Choir 10th Birthday Party


Celebrating 10 years of choir

17/10 22

Happy 10th Birthday

10 years ago, the WI inspired by Gareth Malone did a big drive to encourage WIs to set up a choir. They gave a two-year set up and get ready window before the big national competition.

Who would have thought when Sunbury Village WI stood trembling on the stage at Dorking Halls, they would still be around another 8 years later.

A huge thank you goes to Claire Leonard their Choir Master, who has been with them since the start and to Anna Sinclair, choir coordinator for making sure they all turn up at the right time in the right place.

Ahh what a lovely reminiscent evening. Thanks so much Claire for your unending enthusiasm! (Lysa White, choir member)

Fantastic evening. Thank you everyone. What a lovely bunch you are! Xx (Alice Downes - choir member)

A lovely evening thank you to all involved in organising it . Where did those 10 years go! Xx (Gill Tuck - choir member)

Thanks to all for a lovely evening and yes 10 very enjoyable years of choir. Thank you, Claire, for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

It's been such fun !! (Sandra Garrett - choir member)

Thanks for celebrating ladies and here's to the next 10years!!! It has been a pleasure teaching you this past decade xxx (Claire Leonard, Choir Master)

Here's to another 10 years 

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