Games night and annual meeting


October WI Evening 

31/10 22

A time to celebrate all the amazing activities and fundraising by Sunbury Village WI.

The annual report was presented by Sonia Bosher on behalf of the committee. Look back over our blogs to see the fab things we have done.

The formalities of the financial statement were presented by Malini Patel all was agreed to be in order.

Then onto the appointment of the President. Debbie Levy has been Co-President for 2021-22 but due to circumstance her Co-President Emily Flippance was unable to take up active duties. The committee, members and Middlesex federation thanked Debbie for her commitment and hard work.

Debbie Levy was then appointed as President of Sunbury Village WI for 2022-23. Congratulation and well done.

Debbie thanked member for their support and the dedication of the committee team, In particular Liane Harris, Secretary.

The night moved on to fun and games with Bingo, thank you Malcom (Conservative Club President) for being our caller. 

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