Riverside Dip and Dabble


On Sunday 10th September was the date for the Middlesex Federation to launch their own activity in support of the Week of River Action, with a Riverside dip, dabble and picnic hosted by the WI groups from Sunbury Village and Teddington.

Nearly 49 people (and one dog!) came along for a social event including swimming and paddling in the Thames and picnicking at the beautiful Flowerpot Green in Sunbury on Thames.

After congregating on the Green, and adding contributions to the groaning cake table, attendees were warmly welcomed and given instructions and advice on how to use the river safely. There were plenty of spare tow floats, water shoes, tow ropes, a throw buoy and even a river lifeguard to inspire confidence. Local swimming groups; including the Teddington Bluetits were there to support and encourage new or nervous swimmers, and it was wonderful to see all the WI members taking to it like the proverbial ducks ! The river was also being used to capacity, with river boats, canoes and paddle boarders out on the water. A strong reminder of how people love the river, and how vital it is to maintain and improve its water quality.

Non swimmers watched from the shade of the leafy riverbank, enjoying the aforementioned cakes and picnics they had brought along.

It was a fabulous afternoon with friends old and new, and a great way of bringing the aims of this year's National Resolution to life.

We all want 'Clean Rivers, for people and Wildlife', and we want them today and forever !

Thanks for coming along

Sian Cooley (Teddington President) and Debbie Levy, (Sunbury Village President)

 Find out more about the national campaign at: https://www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns/key-and-current-campaigns/clean-rivers-for-people-and-wildlife

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