The Sunbury Gallery and the Contemporary Art of Embroidery


The Sunbury Gallery and the Contemporary Art of Embroidery

Presenter Michiko Gardner - Gallery Administrator at the Sunbury Gallery.

We were joined by Michiko Gardner for a captivating talk on the journey of the Sunbury Gallery. We  learnt about the history behind its founding, and discovered the unique story of the building it calls home.  We got a sneak peek of what make it so special today, including its picturesque location. There are ambitious plans for the Gallery to become a Centre of Textile Art.  

Did you know the gallery  is enchanted by many visiting Collections of Contemporary art of Embroidery. The Diana Springgall collection in 2023 and coming up May to July 2023 is the Hampton Court Place Florilemgium Society.  

There is a full programme of workshops, for embroidery, willow sculpture, lace making, traditional  Palestinian embroidery, beading, calligraphy, knitting, crochet and box covering.   For more information visit

Spend a day out visiting Sunbury its walled garden, embroidery gallery and cafe. 

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